Gold Coast Fruits is a German/Ghanaian/British 500 hectares pineapple farm located in Ghana - West Africa, right at the heart of the pineapple belt, at the Otaten village/Adeiso town 60 km west from the capital city Accra and 80 km from the seaport Tema.

Established in 2005 by Dominik Klotzbach, it currently has almost 400 hectares of planted fruits. Today we are the 4th largest pineapple exporter, shipping our products to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.


Committed to a sustainable business model, we are Fair Trade certified and the first pineapple farm in Africa to acquire a Carbon Footprint certificate (PAS 2050).



2006 - Basic farm infrastructure established (pack-house, store, site-office)

2007 - Global Gap certification and export of first 400 tons of fruit

2008 - FLO-Fair Trade certification and upgrade of infrastructure (packing line, cooling facility, construction of water dams)

2010 - Carbon Footprint certification (Carbon Trust) - PAS 2050

2011 - Annona Sustainable Investment BV becomes a shareholder

2013 - Grant of Skill Development Fund (SDF) to develop human resources and Shell Foundation approves support to promote development of "low impact pineapple"






The Fair Trade contracts are with two major importers in The Netherlands and in Switzerland who serve markets in the U.K., Holland, Italy up to Scandinavia. Conventional sales are made to buyers in France, Switzerland and Holland for the European Market, in Morocco for the North African market and in Dubai for the Middle East market.





The MD2 is a hybrid pineapple with golden skin colour, sweet pulp with lower fiber and acidity. It contains four times more vitamin C than regular varieties.

Originally from Costa Rica,it currently makes up 85% of the European market. Supermarkets are particularly happy with this variety due to its long shelf life.



Located in Ghana, our pineapples farm has the advantage of a relatively constant dry weather, which translates into a produce with outstanding quality throughout the year.

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