The Plantation

Gold coast Fruits Limited produces pineapple from its own farm. The Farm is located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The company holds 50 years title to a farm land size of 450hectares, out of which 120 hectares are under cultivation of MD2 pineapple. 10 hectares of the farm land have been identified to have cultural and natural values and are preserved. The farm employs 150 plantation workers made up of 25% females from nearby communities and 50 other supporting staffs.

In 2006, the company became Global Gap certified and in 2008 became Fairtrade certified. These are internationally recognized standards for Good Agricultural practices and Gold Coast fruits limited produces its fruits in accordance these standards. We are therefore dedicated to quality and continue improvements. This makes us competitive on the internal market.

Environmental Commitments

The company is conscious of the impact of its major activities on the environment and tries as much as possible to minimize environmental degradation by adopting practices that ensures environmental sustainability. The company has appointed an environmental officer, who is in charge of all issues relating to the environment.