Mission Statement

Gold Coast Fruits Limited


  • produces quality fruits of the pineapple varieties Golden Sweet ( MD2), Smooth Cayenne and Queen Victoria on a large scale cultivation on its own farm land and markets its produce in Europe, in Africa and in the Middle East;
  • ensures the satisfaction of its stakeholders and creates an environment in which all employees realize their full potentials;
  • minimizes all negative impacts on the social and natural environment but rather improves conditions to the better. Assessing the major risks of its activities on a regular basis is a principal tool to achieve this target;
  • enhances the empowerment of its employees and improves their socio-economic levels through capacity building,coaching and training;
  • considers in all decisions that its employees shallhave equal chances during their employment with the company.


Goals and Objectives

Gold Coast Fruits Limited has the objectives to


  • produce high quality pineapples, which possess a fresh and perfect appearance and a minimum shelve-life of two weeks based on industrialized growing and cultivation techniques;
  •  produce sweet and fresh tasty pineapple fruits of  fruit weights ranging from 1.3 kg to 2.2 kg;
  • shape its image by suitable marketing and communication techniques to consistently increase demand for its produce by the market;
  •  train and involve its employees and management to their full capacity in order to optimize the company’s performance;
  •  engage effective techniques to avoid negative impact on the social and natural environment;
  •  achieve product prices, which are 15 % to 20 % higher than the average price on market in order to offer salaries and benefits, which are considerably above industry standard.



Gold Coast Fruits Limited is a quality producer and exporter of pineapple fruits from its own farm in Ghana. The company is fully satisfying the expectations of all of its stakeholders and is acting in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way.


Business Integrity


Gold Coast Fruits Ltd. undertakes to refrain from any illegal business practices, including corruption, bribery, extortion and embezzlement and will respect all local and international laws in its operational processes, dealings, representations and information concerning the organization, its business, its finances or any other affairs.

Any person found guilty of bribery, corruption or fraud shall be subject to disciplinary action and, in severe cases, shall be reported to the appropriate authorities.